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Version 6,15,0,96 - August 2016


Support for the latest S-57 ENC presentation as defined in S-52 Ed 4.0.1
Improved display of Shape File data - this is now has nice smooth anti-aliased lines
AML V3 data can now be imported into the SENC.
Full support for PAYS (Pay As You Sail ENC chart licensing).
Improved handling of changing to a different chart database when opening a workspace.
Improved main menu layout. “Display” is now a top level item.
“Find a chart” and “Open chart” now allow you to choose the type of chart.
Can now create an overlay document from plain text in the clipboard that contains latitude and longitudes.
Improved S-57 presets now contain the S-57 usages settings.

Also several minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 6,14,0,129 - August 2015


The display of ADP Radio Signals Volumes 1,3,4 and 5 has been added. Henry can now display all the Admiralty Radio Signals volumes, and TotalTide, overlaid on all types of chart.
Can now install and display Inland ENC data.
Improved World Vector Shoreline with rivers and national boundaries, as well as more coastline detail and the Suez Canal.
Option to make one chart view track (follow) the centre position of another.
Support to display ports contained in the IHS Ports Guide which can be downloaded direct over the internet (requires an IHS Ports Guide licence).
Can now choose to display ENC cell outlines and catalogue listing from AVCS or PRIMAR.

Version 6,13,0,5 - 17 December 2014


ENC chart display has been upgraded to the current standards. S-57 ENC upgraded to 3.1.3. ENC presentation, S-52 upgraded to Edition 6.0. The main effect is to display a coloured ring for an "all round" light.
Improved S-57 overlay on top of raster charts. The overlay is now clearer and the S-57(ENC) safety contour is correctly highlighted.
The Henry Overlay Tool now supports .xlsx files and no longer requires that Microsoft Office be installed.
You can choose whether Chart and ENC cell outlines can be displayed on the chart. These settings are now persisted.
S-57(ENC) chart drawing. Fixed a bug where when ENC cells are drawn at undetailed scale (compared with the compilation scale of the cell), the land is not drawn - this is a very rare problem and only affects a few ENC cells - where LNDARE is contained within a collection feature such as C_ASSO.
Geotiff import. Corrected a problem with the colours of non-palletised geotiff images.

There have also been some minor improvements and several bug fixes.

Version 6,12,0,3 - 12 September 2014


Single click updating of NOAA ENC data over the internet

There have also been some minor improvements and several bug fixes.

Version 6,11,0,8 - 31 July 2014


UK Hydrographic Office data. Admiralty Digital Radio Signals Volume 2 is now integrated into Henry. You can use Henry to access Admiralty Digital Radio Signals Volumes 2 and 6 and Admiralty TotalTide.
You can now use hyperlinks in all notes in Henry. This includes overlay points, waypoints, boundaries, pencil lines and annotations. You can also use hyperlinks in document notes.
Several data improvements to the Henry Overlay Tool used for importing and exporting data from Henry.

There have also been some minor improvements and several bug fixes.

Version 6,10,0,3 - 17 March 2014


You can now import georeferenced images as overlay points. See File | “Create Overlays from Images”.
Search and Rescue. New search patters: Sector and Expanding Square.
Satellite tracking. Can now display multiple targets tracked via the Blue SkyRouter webservice. See See View | Options | “ARPA / AIS / Satellite”.

There have also been some minor improvements and several bug fixes.

Version 6,9,0,2 - 20 December 2013


Display of ADP Radio Signals Volume 6 from UKHO.
Improved Properties at Point window combines S57, Shape and Gazetteer information.
Improved import of GeoTIFF, particularly palletised images.
The S57 chart catalogue now displays the exact outline of each cell instead of a simple enclosing rectangle.
Improved copy and paste of the charts on a route.
Can now switch off the green tile outlines in Continuous Raster

There have also been several bug fixes.

Version 6,7,0,4 - 23 January 2013


Improved display of ENC lights and contours on top of raster charts
More line styles for range rings
More text styles for annotations on charts
Boundaries can now contain holes
Shapefile imports now support UTM shapefiles
Withdrawn ENC cells are now deleted immediately. Important for Navigation. See Known Issues

There have also been several bug fixes.

Version 6,6,0,7 - 3 April 2012


Improved S57 import speed
Faster Raster Chart Database start-up (see Known Issues if upgrading from an earlier version)
Labels for chart and cell outlines
More general handling of latlon positions entered as text
Chart graticule
Various improvements for Shapefiles
Verified against the IHO S57 2011 test data set

There have also been several bug fixes.

Version 6,5,0,3 - 23 December 2011


S57 charts can now display depths in feet as an alternative to metres.
Better AIO support.
Dongle drivers for HASP and Keylok upgraded.

This is primarily a bug fix release.

Version 6,4,0,8 - 28 July 2011


Improved support for importing GeoTIFF files, Tiff + ESRI aux and Tiff + ESRI aux.xml as both Raster and Continuous Raster charts.
Improved parsing of a geographic position when pasted into a position control. Henry is now more likely to understand any lat / lon text you give it.
Raster and S57 views now have a “Track Selection” setting on the context menu. When enabled, the view will automatically scroll to the best chart available for the currently selected object.
Settings for Shapefiles are now persisted.
New toolbar button to "Indicate updated areas" on raster charts.
User defined Mercator grids are now supported.
More datum codes are now recognised. In particular CGS for China.
CHANGE: Requests for Attention (RAT) sounds settings are now stored per computer instead of per user. Existing RAT sound settings will need to be re-configured using View | Options | System | “Requests for Attention”.
The HenryOverlayTool (HOT) now supports the export of more file formats.

There have also been several bug fixes.

Version 6,2,0,97 - 31 April 2011


Improved ‘Go To’ functionality for ENC cells.
Improved Properties at Point for ENC charts.
Improvement to allow import of shape files that cover the whole world.
More outline styles for boundaries
New toolbar buttons to temporarily hide recent ARCS and S57 chart updates

There have also been several bug fixes.

Version 6,1,0,10 - 16 November 2010

Very minor update of that only affects users of the separate chart management applications, ManageX.msi.

Version 6,1,0,1 - 5 November 2010

New features

Rhumb line boundaries can now contain arcs as well as straight lines.
In environments where multiple applications use the CherSoft Chart databases, the Chart management applications are now available as a separate installer. This helps system manangers ensure that the versions of the Chart Management Applications used are suitable for all the client applications.


Typing geographic positions into a position control. has been made easier. A wider range of punctuation characters are accepted.
An error where the S-57 Properties at Point was for a slightly wrong position (8 pixels offset from the tip of the pointer) has been fixed.
S-57 chart drawing has been improved for certain cells which contain data that is at a much higher density that is normal for the cell's compilation scale.
S-57 alarms for point LNDARE features hav ebeen improved. And chart clutter has been reduced by making the point LNDARE symbol slightly smaller.
Workspaces now support Continous Raster properly. Previously the location of the Continuous Raster chart database was not stored in the workspace.

Various other minor corrections have been implemented.

Version 6,0,0,36 - 10 September 2010

New features

Better S-57 drawing

More responsive.
New "declutter" option.
Up to 8 colour shades can be drawn to show depths.

Folder history for easier switching between chart folders.

Support for Japanese ARCS transmittals.

Support for new UKHO AIO transmittal format

Version 5,2,0,388 - 14 December 2009

New features

Searchable gazetteer - place names can be displayed on any type of chart.

Admiralty Information Overlays - support for this new S-57 data source from the UKHO.

Goto position control on toolbar no longer restricted to WGS84.

Ability to list cells and charts intersected by boundary objects.

Version 5,2,0,296 - 29 July 2009

New features

Search And Rescue route generation.

Track-up orientation.

In catalogue list, display cells/charts with imminent permit expiry dates in red.

Various bug fixes.

Version 5,2,0,150 - 6 January 2009

Bug fixes

Inability to load old boundary files fixed.

Potential for updated ARCS charts to go missing from catalogue view fixed.

Version 5,2,0,118 - 1 December 2008

Main features

Shape data can be displayed on top of ARCS and S-57.

Boundary vertices can have labels.

The time taken for Henry to update its view of a modified S-57 has been greatly reduced. This will be of most benefit where several users share a single SENC over a network.

Mouse wheel behaviour has been changed so that the Ctrl key no longer has to be held when zooming in or out of vector charts. Also Henry now better supports freely rotating mouse wheels (no notches).

Notification mechanism has been added so that a "news" file can automatically be displayed when Henry starts. Contact us for more details.

Bug fix - when installing ARCS charts, the CD dialog now automatically continues when the correct CD is inserted.

The details of charts a route crosses can be copied to the clipboard.

Version 5,2,0,43 - 7 August 2008

Main features

Installation speed of S-57 data is greatly improved.

Maximum radius of range ring has been increased from 2000 nm to 5000 nm.

Strikeout, underline and italic fonts on overlay point labels now correctly display on charts.